The Kalamazoo Rail Scene in August 1993

Page 5 - We wrap up with Amtrak, Grand Trunk and the James River switcher.

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One of the Chicago - Detroit Amtrak trains accelerating after the Kalamazoo stop.

This peculiar load on an old Pennsylvania flat car was in a spur at Allied paper, in the south of
Kalamazoo and appropriately enough off of the ex-Pennsy line.

Here is Kilgore Road, jointly owned by Conrail and Grand Trunk. It's primary use is holding
cars for the General Motors stamping plant in town. Conrail and Grand Trunk share the
switching of this plant, alternating every year. The yard had 15 tracks in 1993.

Looking south and east on the Grand Trunk line out of town. cars for industries other than GM
are stored in this small 3-track yard..

Grand Trunk 4606 and resident caboose in Kilgore Yard.

1993 was a year when Conrail switched GM, with 3327 being stationed at Kilgore Yard for
that purpose.

Finally in Parchment, the diminutive James River switcher is seen in active. It is 50
years old, used 7 days a week and can push 3 or 4 loaded boxcars according to the crew.

The paper company in Parchment is now closed and the switcher was sold.

Later in the year, the Georgia-Pacific track-mobile gets some exercise switching
box cars of inbound pulp wood just east of Botsford Yard.

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